Trace Your Path Agility

Our family moved to the Grand Valley in 2019 and found our home in Fruita, Colorado.  One requirement I had was enough property to have my own full size agility field.  Prior to our move, my agility field was a small backyard in Albuquerque, NM.  I started my agility adventure 8 years ago when I fostered and adopted a Dalmatian puppy.  I needed an activity to wear off some of his energy and teach him to focus.  I didn’t realize how much fun the sport of agility can be, and how addicted I would become.  I started instructing agility at a local Albuquerque dog club in 2014.  I found that I really enjoyed working with dog and handler teams that wanted to improve their connection and handling skills.

Our completely fenced agility field in Fruita, Colorado is the perfect place to advance your handling skills.  Our field surface is comprised of a dirt/sand mixture that is dog friendly with the perfect balance of cushion and traction.  Our agility equipment is new and is designed to meet AKC regulations.  Come check us out and try our training program.

Trace Agility running AKC FAST course

Trace Your Path Agility – YouTube Channel